12 Swingline Magnetic Bulldog Clips 6 Packs of 2 (71762)


12 Swingline Magnetic Bulldog Clips 6 Packs of 2 (71762)Heavy duty clips hold documents firmly in placeBarrel hinges slip easily on and off documentsMagnetic backingStrong spring mechanism6 packs of 2 = 12 Clips Acco has every type of product needed to get the job done right! The Work Essentials Collection By Acco's Swingline Brand has all of your office necessities available in a variety of sizes, colors, shapes and materials. The mix-and-match line consists of all basic supply items you'll need to stay organized. Acco Magnetic Bulldog Clips are heavy-duty nickel plated clips which hold small to large documents firmly in place. Barrel-type hinges slip on and off easily for documents of various sizes. "Hangable" handles or magnetic mounts keep frequently used documents immediately accessible. Once removed the clips return to their original shape. The space-saving clamshell packaging design is smaller than traditional packaging to take up less space in your desk or supply closet, and be friendlier to the environment. Acco's Work Essentials Collection provides the widest range of fastening devices to organize and display your most important documents and other materials.

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